Turbine Oil

Turbine Oil are blended from highly refined turbine base stocks containing antioxidant, rust inhibitor and anti-foam additives (…)

Hydraulic Oil HLP

Hydraulic Oil HLP are premium grade hydraulic oil having extra heavy duty anti-wear property with excellent thermal stability and high FZG rating (…)

Hydraulic Oil HVI

Hydraulic Oil HVI are premium grade high viscosity index hydraulic oils which have excellent shear stability and can withstand wide range of temperatures (…)

Machine Tool Way Oil

Machine Tool Way Oil 32, 68, 100 & 220 are blended from highly refined base stocks with excellent oxidation stability and are incorporated with oiliness (…)

Industrial Gear Oil

Industrial Gear Oil are blended from highly refined Base Stocks and are fortified with specially selected EP and other Additives (…)

Machinery Oil

Machinery Oil are generally suggested for non-critical all loss lubrication systems and other oiling applications by hand for lubrication of bearings (…)

Pneumatic Tool Oil

Pneumatic Tool Oil are specially developed products blended from highly refined base stocks and selected additives that provide excellent rust preventive (…)

Compressor Oil

Compressor Oil are blended from refined based stocks with Antioxidant and Rust Inhibitor to provide satisfactory lubrication under high temperature and high load conditions (…)

Open Gear Oil

Open gear oil are bituminous lubricants containing EP and special tackiness additives. Open gear oil are having good load carrying capacity (…)