Soluble Cutting Oil

Soluble Cutting Oil is a type of coolant and lubricant designed specifically for metalworking and machining processes (…)

Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil

RIMZOL SEMI SYNTHETIC CUTTING OIL is heavy duty high performance metal working fluid based on semi synthetic technology, formulated with latest chemical (…)

Aluminium Rolling Oil

Aluminium Rolling Oil are premium quality, low viscosity straight mineral oil specially developed for cold rolling oil operation of aluminium sheets, strip or foils (…)

SS Rolling Oil

It is neat cold rolling oil designed for rolling of carbon steel and stainless steel strips formulated with selected additives to enhance lubricity and load carrying ability (…)

Metal Drawing Oil

Metal Drawing Oil 15 is manufactured from highly refined base stocks and specially selected additives to impart high wetting and excellent EP properties with good metal (…)

Neat Cutting Oil

Neat Cutting Oil 137 is staining type neat cutting oils manufactured from highly refined virgin base stocks of medium viscosity and fatty oils for improved (…)

Grinding Fluids Oil

The basic function of the grinding fluid when grinding hard metal is to remove the heat generated in the grinding operation, to lubricate the tools in order to reduce wheel wear (…)

Straight Cutting Oil

Straight Cutting Oils are blended from High Viscosity Index Base Stock containing Sulphurised Fat or Chlorinated Compound and Sulphur, either active (…)

Gun Drilling Oil

Product description: We are one of the leading manufacturer of premium quality Gun Drilling Oil. The offered gun drilling oil is processed […]

Metal Cleaner Oil

Pre cleaning needs of any metal substracts for painting such as automobile, cars, buses, machinery, sign board, hoardings, exhibition panels, etc (…)