Grinding fluids for hard metal grinding

About the process fluids

The basic function of the grinding fluid when grinding hard metal is to remove the heat generated in the grinding operation, to lubricate the tools in order to reduce wheel wear, and to remove grits from the grinder.

Water based oil in water emulsion and water soluble synthetic lubricants are the most common grinding fluids. But refined neat oil of type white oil is frequently used for grinding of cobolt based hard metal. One of the reasons for this is to avoid skin allergy at water based coolant in which cobolt can be dissolved and also to reduce the wear of the grinder.

Water based coolant have some drawbacks such as growth of fungis and bacteria, inferior lubricity, formation of metal soap that clogg the grinding wheel, and it dissolves cobolt which causes health problems.

Neat oil has inferior heat removing capacity compared to water based coolant. For this reason external chillers are used to enhance the cooling capacity.

Particles generated in the grinding operation can be of very small dimension, > 5 µ in diameter. Grinding fluids with high content of particles reduce the grinding speed and muck up the machine tool and coolant tank


Grinding Fluid oill is Used / Needs in Machine Tool Industries Applications / Uses as below:

Vertical Machining Centres, Guiding, CNC Machining Centre, CNC rotating tool holder, Ball Bar Test, Punching, Angle Shearing, Flat Shearing, Notching, Bar Shearing, Conventional Lathe, CNC engraving and milling machine, Radial drilling machine, Nut former machine, CNC Flexible Horizontal machining centre, CNC/Conventional, Fine Boring, Line Boring, Rotary indexing, Valve seat Generation & Gun Reaming, Multi-spindle drilling, Milling, Head changers, Internal spline Broaching, Gear Chamfering, Surface Broaching, Machine lines for Cylinder Block & head, Connecting Rod, CNC Turning, CNC boring, facing and drilling machine, Hydraulic punching and shearing machine, Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic power pack – for Hydraulic Oils, CNC Gear Tooth Grinding, Knurling Tool wheels, Knives – circular, friction saw blades, segmental saw blades, Dyes and mould, Forming tools, Honing machine, Gun drilling machine, Multi – Spindle Drilling, Milling, Head Changes, EDM, CNC centering and facing machine, Honing machine, horizontal, Fine boring machine, Cold define machine, CNC double column Plano drilling machine

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