Specification of High Vacuum Grease : 

High Vacuum Grease – III is stiff non – melting grease. If maintains its consistency over a wide range of temperature, from -200C to 2000C. Its very low volatility, low vapour pressure of the base materials used, makes it an ideal sealant for high vacuum Grease / high pressure systems. High Vacuum Grease is not affected by water and chemically resistant also.

Application / Composition of High Vacuum Grease : 

High Vacuum Grease – III is used in lubricating plug valves, control systems wherein high vacuum / high pressures are encountered and valves remain operational for a longer period despite high temperature and adverse atmospheric conditions.

Performance Level of High Vacuum Grease : 

hitemp & hitemp extra grease meet IS 12790: 1990.

Typical Properties of High Vacuum Grease : 

Appearance Translucent
Unworked Penetration @ 25°C 200 – 260
Softening Point, °C 210
Evaporation loss @ 200 °C after 24 hrs 2% Max

Packing of High Vacuum Grease : 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 20kg, 50 kg.

We have surplus capacity to produce lubricant and this extra capacity can be used to cater other parties to manufacture/filling their brand of product by way of toll blending.

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