Specification of Lithox Grease : 

Lithox grease are premium quality lithium complex soap based multipurpose grease manufactured from superior quality base stocks with specially selected additives. They are having high drop points, good thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and water, good shear and structural stability. Lithox grease provide protection against rust and corrosion also.

Application / Composition of Lithox Grease : 

Lithox grease are suitable for all types of industrial applications in steel plants, mining, cement and different engineering industries as excellent multipurpose grease.

Performance Level of Lithox Grease : 

Meet IS-14847:2000

Typical Properties of Lithox Grease : 

NO. 2 NO. 3
Type of Soap Lithium Complex Lithium Complex
Colour Dark Blue Dark Blue
Work Penetration at 25°C 265 – 295 220 – 250
Drop Point °C, Min. 260 260

Packing of Lithox Grease : 180 Kgs Drums

We have surplus capacity to produce lubricant and this extra capacity can be used to cater other parties to manufacture/filling their brand of product by way of toll blending.

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