Metal Working Fluid » Metal Cleaner Oil / General Purpose Cleaner Oil


A Solvent based metal cleaner with no odour finds variety of uses in the following fields.
(a) Pre cleaning needs of any metal substracts for painting such as automobile, cars, buses, machinery, sign board, hoardings, exhibition panels, etc.
(b) Cleaning of minted coins, stamped/ forged metal articles / decorative piece’s.
(c) Also acts as temporary rust preventive preserves rolled / coiled metal strips, wires, foils, etc.
(d) Prevents clogging of printing heads, paper in printer, screen printing maintenance etc.

Application / Composition : 

Can be applied by brush, spray, swab – easily removable by wiping with cloth.

Typical Properties : 

Sr. No. Properties Eastto Met Clean
Water White
1 Appearance
2 Odour Odourless, Non – Offensive
3 Specific Gravity @ 29.5oC 0 – 810
4 % Water Content Nil
5 Flash point( PMCC) 0C 70 MIN.
6 Kinematic Viscosity at 40 0C, cst 1.5 – 2.0

Storage: Store in cold dry place, usage should be in well ventilated area.

Packing of Metal Cleaner Oil : 210 Litres M.S. Barrels, 20 litres Drum

Metal Cleaner Oil can be mixed and processed as toll blending product into a final product production

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