By virtue of our years of experience, we are recognized as an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of White Soft Paraffin IP. Offered by us, these products are prepared in adherence to the industry’s specified guidelines to ensure their optimum quality. Our products are stable to light and oxidation and does not loose their consistency while processing. Extensively demanded by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, these products are used in variety of formulations. In order to serve the specific needs of our large client base, the White Soft Paraffin IP is supplied in customized specifications.


  • Odourless
  • Tasteless
  • Soluble in Chloroform and Solvent ether
  • Insoluble in Alcohol and Water
  • Smooth long-fibred structure



White Soft Paraffin IP is widely used in a variety of formulations. Regular grade Snow White Petroleum Jelly finds varied applications in ointments, pain balms, cosmetic creams. Ointment grade Petroleum Jelly is used in skin ointments, salves, pain rubs. Cream grade Petroleum Jelly finds its application in skin creams, foot care creams. Ophthalmic Grade Petroleum Jelly is used in eye ointments, eye Applicaps & special cosmetic creams, High Melting grades are used in specific applications where a higher melting point is required. Vaporatum and Fibrolatum grades are used in high end skin creams, ointments and Vapor rub (VICKS Type) applications, because of its lustrous long fibrous structure. Surgical grades are used in gauze dressings.




Sr. no. Typical properties Specification
1 Colour White to off – white
2 Solubility Complies
3 Acidity & Alkalinity Complies
4 Fixed Oils, Fats and Rosins Complies
5 Sulphated Ash Less than 0.1 %
6 Consistency @ 25oC (0.1 mm) * 100 – 300
7 Melting Range * 38oC – 56oC
8 Foreign Organic Matter Complies
9 Light Absorption of 0.05% w/v solution In iso-octane at 240 – 290 nm NMT 0.5

Testing methods as per Indian Pharmacopoeia.

Consistency and Melting Range can be adjusted as per customer requirement.

PACKING170 kg Open mouth drums / 50 kg Carboys.


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